Andrew Matthews - President of Spinach Solutions

Andrew Matthews is the Founder and President of Spinach Solutions, an information and technology services company based in the heart of Toronto’s downtown core. Established in 2010 with the concept of offering ‘fresh thinking', Spinach Solutions specializes in management consulting, IT security and privacy services for the healthcare, finance and energy sectors.

Toronto’s Andrew Matthews is also the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Sensory Tech, a firm that provides technological solutions to the complex nursing services industry. In his role at Sensory Tech, Matthews utilizes his comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the healthcare sector to facilitate client needs. His work at the company has helped Sensory Tech grow and expand into multinational markets.

Matthews’ career in the IT sector began shortly after he graduated from Western University in the mid-1990s. Upon attaining his degree, he moved to Europe, where he worked with a French company as a Systems Engineering Director. Here, he managed a group of ten senior engineers as they implemented key technological strategies, including security, storage area network, and hosting services.

In 2002, Andrew Matthews returned to Canada and began working as a Director of Security and Corporate Governance for Bell Canada, the country’s leading telecommunications service provider. At Bell Canada, Matthews conducted all audit and assurance activities, in addition to security and risk management for clients. While at Bell, he was also responsible for the buildout of an integrated Information Security Management (ISM) program.

Following his work at Bell Canada, Andrew Matthews went on to work at Emergis as a Regional Sales Director in 2004. While working at this healthcare-focused company, Matthews duties included product management and marketing, business development, and direct sales responsibility.

In 2009, Matthews joined the board of The Centre for Environmental Sustainability in Health-care (CESH). CESH provides healthcare organizations across Ontario with unique tools to manage their environmental sustainability programs.

Andrew Matthews founded Spinach Solutions with a desire to merge his diverse IT security background with healthcare innovation. Matthews uses his diverse business and entrepreneurial skill set at Spinach Solutions, where he works closely with a cross functional team of business management experts. The staff at Spinach Solutions is focused on helping start-ups and post start-up IT companies build sustainable product commercialization strategies.